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Clozon Customers Feedback and Appreciation
Clozon Customers – Success Stories
Customer :
U.S Based company. Provides Information sharing platform for the local community. Platform is hosted on AWS

Customer Requirement:
24×7 support of their AWS systems. Provision systems and services as and when required

Clozon Engagement Approach:

  • Study and understand existing systems and services including configurations, tools installed ,etc.
  • Takeover the support from existing provider and start managing the setup
  • Address issues found in security configuration and high availability.
  • Setup 24×7 monitoring , backups and recovery approach.
  • Carry out system optimization.Identifed resources that can be optimised or released leading to substantial cost savings to the customer


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Customer :
Social networking portal hosted on AWS

Customer Requirement:
Users experiencing performance issues. Analyse system architecture , load , configuration and suggest solutions to address the issues.

Clozon Engagement Approach:

  • Clozon did a two week study of the complete setup covering system architecture , configuration , utilization levels , response times, usage patterns , peak loads, latencies, etc .
  • Identified causes for performance bottlenecks. Presented the findings and recommendations.
  • Key findings included server performance impact was due to non critical processes, issues in DNS configuration and disk data transfer rates.
  • Recommendations included :Not to go in for additional servers but address the non critical processes loading the server, DNS configurations and disk performance issues.

Customer :
Online ecommerce platform. Businesses can register and get their own e-commerce website setup in minutes

Customer Requirement:
Do a pilot on AWS. Find out the performance levels, scalability options and costs of running the ecommerce platform on AWS when compared to existing provider.

Clozon Engagement Approach:

  • We studied the existing systems and captured the setup details including server config , sizing, O.S, Databases , Web servers and customizations.
  • Implemented environment in AWS similar to the existing setup
  • Worked with customer to uploaded content(images , code , database , scripts,etc) from existing servers to the AWS systems
  • System testing for performance and scalability using different AWS service options and load criteria along with customer.
  • Deliver the testing report including the costs for setting up and running the ecommerce platform on AWS

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