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Evaluating AWS ? Want to reduce costs ? Or resolve issues in existing setup.
15+ years of experience at your service.

Our expertise and experience in AWS Consulting will help you achieve results at reasonable prices.

AWS Consulting – Key Aspects:

  • Understand your requirements and expectations
  • Public cloud , hybrid cloud , scalability
  • Security , HA , DR and BCP Requirements
  • Performance Requirements
  • Budget and cost constraints

Want to optimize existing AWS setup ? Bill is high ?

No need to worry. Our AWS Consulting will ensure you get the best out of your AWS at reduced costs.

Whether you are using basic AWS services or advanced AWS services. We know how to do it better.

  • VPC
  • EC2 Instances
  • RDS Database
  • S3 Buckets
  • EBS Volumes
  • DNS Route 53
  • Cloud Front CDN
  • ElastiCache – Redis , Memcache

  • Cloud Front CDN
  • VPN
  • ELB – Elastic Load Balancer
  • Firewalls – UTM like Sophos
  • SES – Mailing
  • On-Demand , Reserved and Spot Instances
  • And many more..

Customers feel GREAT about our services.

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Reach us at | +91-7829915034 | Use this Form

Reach us at | +91-7829915034 | Use this Form