Support for Servers and App Environment

AWS.  Azure. Google.

Using in-house techie for 24×7 support ?
Dependence on one person is risky. Try our 24×7 managed services. Costs less but keeps your cloud healthier.Your techie can focus on more complex and strategical tasks

Hoping systems will not fail ?
Not a good idea if failure impacts your business.Get best in class support at affordable costs.

AWS , Azure , Google  Support Services Covered:

  • 24×7 availability monitoring of your app environment
  • Proactively attending to issues
  • Server performance analysis.Suggest for cost and performance optimization options
  • Daily backups and restore from backups in case of any issues or disk failure
  • Server upgrades
  • DR process implementation
  • Attending to service requests. E.g Increasing storage size.
  • Provide one time support for a specific requirement of yours. It can be setting up high availability application environment, attend to issues you are facing in accessing or using Amazon Web Services like ELB , VPC , RDS , configuring regular backups, etc.



“Clozon Technologies did an excellent job starting from helping us choosing a suitable cloud solution , implement it without any issues, provided after sales support whenever required. And above all the services were provided on a shoestring budget”…Dinesh Bez , Vice President ,

Cloud Server Support – How we do it?


Gather details about your existing server and application environment


Understand the existing environment setup covering O.S , Database , Webserver , Application Software , Critical aspects ,etc


Finalize the support scope including SLA’s covering response times and support window.


Signup support services agreement including NDA as required. Go Live.

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