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Migrate your on-premise Apps to Cloud

Planning to use Cloud servers for your apps?

Why re-invent the wheel and learn from mistakes ? It can be a costly affair. Get cloud experts to plan the migration.

We have the experience and expertise to help you make the right choices.Make your transition to Cloud Servers a smooth and pleasant experience. Here’s the high level migration approach.

Migration Phase-1: Planning

Discuss with you to understand your requirements and expectations.

Get a detailed insight into your existing setup.

Capture details pertaining to configuration, software installed and customization done

Explore consolidation and reducing the number of servers during the migration.

Prepare the migration plan including approach , sequencing , dependencies ,  risks and mitigation.

Sign Off on the plan

Migration Phase-2: Design and Test

Design the Cloud (AWS,Azure,Softlayer)solution architecture covering the network , servers , configuration , connectivity, security,load balancer, etc

Setup test environment as per the solution architecture.

Work with you to do a test application migration from existing systems to AWS setup

Test and Validate the setup

Document learnings from test migrations and the corrective measures required during the actual migration

Migration Phase-3: Rollout

Provision and configure all the servers , services , firewalls on the Cloud.

Install the required software and customize it as per the requirement

Work with you to migrate content/data from the existing setup to the new setup

Test and validate the new Cloud environment

Do DNS updates for pointing to the new setup as required

Implement backups , monitoring as well as recovery procedure

Document the complete implementation including backup & restore process

Provide post migration support

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