Support for Servers and App Environment

AWS. Microsoft Azure. Google. IBM.

Using in-house techie for 24x7 support ?
Dependence on one person is risky. Try our 24x7 managed services. Costs less but keeps your cloud healthier.Your techie can focus on more complex and strategical tasks

Hoping systems will not fail ?
Not a good idea if failure impacts your business.Get best in class support at affordable costs.

Cloud (AWS , Azure , Google , IBM ) Support. Services Covered:

  • 24x7 availability monitoring of your app environment
  • Proactively attending to issues
  • Server performance analysis.Suggest for cost and performance optimization options
  • Daily backups and restore from backups in case of any issues or disk failure
  • Server upgrades
  • DR process implementation
  • Attending to service requests. E.g Increasing storage size.
  • Provide one time support for a specific requirement of yours. It can be setting up high availability application environment, attend to issues you are facing in accessing or using Amazon Web Services like ELB , VPC , RDS , configuring regular backups, etc.

“Clozon Technologies did an excellent job starting from helping us choosing a suitable cloud solution , implement it without any issues, provided after sales support whenever required. And above all the services were provided on a shoestring budget”…Dinesh Bez , Vice President ,

Cloud Server Support – How we do it?

Gather details about your existing server and application environment

Understand the existing environment setup covering O.S , Database , Webserver , Application Software , Critical aspects ,etc

Finalize the support scope including SLA’s covering response times and support window.

Signup support services agreement including NDA as required. Go Live.

Reach us using the form beside for a detailed discussion.